How to Improve and Boost your iPhone Reception at Home

In spite of the increasing number of cellphone towers being built, network problems still continue to persist. Calls being dropped, poor voice clarity – these are just a few things to begin. Sometimes necessary applications such as iphone call recording app , mail, and sports programs are difficult to download with a bad connection. Imagine what would happen if you are talking to an important client on your iPhone, and their call gets dropped, or you are not able to hear a word they are saying? You simply cannot afford to have your conversations ruined.There are a lot of reasons why your iPhone could be having very poor reception – poor coverage from your service provider only begins the list. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do yourself to improve the reception of your iPhone:- This tweak had begun to be used when the iPhone 11 was launched, but it continued to be used for the iPhone too. You might have noticed that if you hold your iPhone in a certain way, your signal drops drastically. This is due to a flaw in the design of the antenna. So if you have identified the position in which this happens, avoid holding it that way.- Keep your battery charged. Cell phones are made this way – they can transmit and catch signals better with a fully charged battery. If your iPhone is running on a low battery, it has the power to handle phone calls, but it lacks the extra power needed to search for strong reception.- Sometimes, poor reception may be simply due to an incorrectly placed SIM, or dust around the SIM card. Remove your SIM card from your iPhone and clean the SIM card tray. Blow away dust and remove debris. Now reinsert your SIM card and close the tray.- You always have to keep your location and the availability of cell phone towers near you in mind. If you live in a place where 3G or 4G network coverage is limited, you can set your phone to receive 2G reception. You can turn off your 3G/4G network by navigating to Settings>Network.- If you have poor reception inside your house, change your location – go outside. If network coverage instantly increases, it’s your building layout that is at fault and not your service provider. Keep in mind – walls, metal roofing, and electronic devices can all cause signal interference.- If you are very close to a cell phone tower – in other words, in a place where you are supposed to get good reception, but still aren’t, try refreshing your signal. To do this, reboot your phone. You could also switch to Airplane Mode and switch back to Normal mode after a few seconds. This is helpful because at times your phone gets stuck in a loop while finding the nearest tower; all you need to do to set it right is refresh the signal.- If you are experiencing poor reception, you can turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications if you are not using it. These applications basically draw power from your reception. So if you already have a weak signal, you can increase the reception by turning off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
If you place your iPhone in its docking station or charging cradle, the reception will automatically increase.
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